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Future Hope

A visit at Future Hope Association

Christmas is the sharing of happiness, laughters, gifts and special moments with friends and families. MRA Staff Welfare Association decided to put a smile on many little faces on 22 December 2016 in Roche Bois through its project. We visited the Future Hope Association together with Santa Claus and Lady Santa for gift giving and sharing of a Christmas lunch with the kids. Volunteers from Kung Fu Panda and Phoenix Warriors were happy to spare few hours of their day to be with the kids and share special moments with them.

It was my first experience in community service and words are few to describe the feeling, once I stepped there. We got such a warm welcome from the ladies who are responsible for the association and we were introduced to the children.

We visited the whole building and got to know how the association came up. Future Hope was born out of the idea of four women who really wanted to help the children in their locality. They came up together and decided to take care of the basic needs of the children by giving them attention and love. In this regard, some 60 children came daily to the association and they would participate in many educational and extra activities. The main vision is to help those kids to have a good education and grow up with good values despite their personal troubles at home. With the help of the concerned Ministry and other NGOs, Future Hope has done necessary renovation and acquired new building to be able to receive more needy children. Hard work pays as the children even succeeded in the recent CPE exams.

We had a fabulous time with Santa Claus and the children received their gifts. They were singing and dancing while playing with their new toys…it was so touching to see these faces glowing. The ladies of the association prepared lunch for the children and even for us…we helped to serve them food and drinks. It should be noted that the lunch was tasty and we really enjoyed it.

After the lunch, the children sang, danced for us and needless to say that they are very talented. We participated in their joy and wanted to stay there with them. As for me, I had a very special time with the kids and it showed how little things can brighten someone’s life. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routine life and we tend to forget that others in our community are going through turmoil. As a team of volunteers, when we unite our hearts together, there is such strength and it brings happiness in many other peoples’ lives.

A special thanks to all those involved directly or indirectly in the success of this memorable visit at Future Hope Association.

Helena IRIS