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Forum Rules


1. To gain access to our forum you need to sign in for which you must first sign up.

2. MRA Staff Welfare Association may suspend or prohibit members at any time and for any reason

in its absolute discretion.

3. Any member wishing to post a message agrees not to post any item that:

     (a) Is defamatory or discloses any information that he has no right to disclose;

     (b) Is (or contains anything which is) vulgar, hateful, obscene or insulting;

     (c) Contains any form of advertising or any form of commercial activity;

     (d) Contains any virus or "Trojan Horses"; and

     (e) Contains any intentionally false or misleading statements.

4. By using the forum you agree to be bound by the above rules. Anyone found to be in breach of any

of the rules faces suspension of their website membership.

5. Users are encouraged to flag posts which are in breach of the above rules.

6. The moderator will remove any post which is in breach of the rules.

This forum is provided by the MRA Staff Welfare Association to all staff of the MRA irrespective of whether he is a member of the Welfare Association (MRASWA) or not. We encourage you to use it to make yourself heard, share your views with your colleagues and make a positive contribution towards the betterment of your working life and more!