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  1. Who can register?

    Registration is open to all employees of the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

  2. Who is a Limited Member?

    A Limited Member is a person registered with our website with restricted access to our facilities.

  3. Why can't I access some of the pages on the website?

    Limited Members have limited access. If you are a MRASWA member, you must be able to access all the webpages unless your web-membership has not been upgraded.

  4. Can I write in the blog section?

    Only approved bloggers can post in the blog section. MRASWA members can post their comments on the blogs. Limited Members cannot access the blog section.

  5. Can I post in the Forum?

    Yes you can. All members, including Limited Members have full access to the Forum.

  6. Can I post on any topic in the Forum?

    THe Forum is for you and you are free to discuss on any issue. However, you must comply to our Use of Forum Rules.

  7. I cannot view a comment I had posted in the Forum Section.

    Your post might have been deleted for non compliance to our Forum Rules.

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  1. Who can apply for MRASWA membership?

    The association is open to all MRA employees whatever their grade.

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  1. What are the objectives of MRASWA?

    Per the Association's Memorandum, its objectives are:

    1. To promote the general interest and welfare, development of unity and sense of identity of its members.
    2. To promote and encourage high standards, conduct and ethics.
    3. To provide a platform of communication among members of the Association.
    4. To promote a sound working relationship with the Mauritius Revenue Authority.
    5. To do all such things conducive to the attainments of the above objects.
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  1. How much is the association's subscription fee?

    The annual fee is Rs 600 representing a monthly fee of Rs 50.

  2. How do I pay for my subscription?

    For the moment we are accepting payment in cash made to the Treasurer.

  3. Is there the possibility of automatic check-off from our salary?

    No. Our request made to MRA management has not been approved.

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  1. Are the leisure activities organised by MRASWA open to non-members?

    Yes, all leisure activities are open to members and non-members. However, in the event there is limited capacity, priority is given to MRASWA members and their family.

  2. Who decides on the organisation of leisure activities?

    All leisure activities are organised by ordinary members with the help of the managing committee.

  3. If I am interested in organising/participating in a specific activity, what do I do?

    It is very simple. You just send us your idea and let us know how many people you've got interested and the intended date, we will make it happen.

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