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If great scenery, healthy exercise and good company sound like a great escape then come and join us for some unforgettable experiences.

Hiking & Walking Tours

We invite you to join us in our magical Hiking and Walking Tours, learn from them and experience personal growth and challenge.

Our tours take you to different areas of Mauritius, each with its own unique ambiance, beauty and challenge that you soon forget that you're moving at all as you become absorbed with your surroundings.

Mountaineering Tours

The mountains of Mauritius provide endless distractions: a waterfall breaks through the cliffs above, an orchid peeps through the moss on the forest floor, clouds scud past the peaks high above.

After a couple of hours you realize that the summit is not the objective, it's the journey that counts! Reaching the end you're tempted to take a sharp turn, head up the next summit and just keep walking!

Thrills, Adventure & Discoveries

For centuries men have explored our world and discovered new regions, new land, new frontiers. For these intrepid explorers, their adventurous activities were very dangerous.We invite you to join us in our discovery tours. We may not be the pioneers in our discovery, our mission may not be to seek up new life and to boldly go where no man has ever gone before but we can promise you, our discovery tours will be full of fun, full of surprises and full of discoveries.